Hardware Pioneers Max 23 

Thursday, 13th July 2023


We are excited to be back @Hardware Pioneers Max 23 in London. The annual gathering of innovation-driven engineers in electronics and loT.

Come and visit our booth (stand 8) and talk to us about:

  • Machine Learning on the edge with the Nordic Thingy:53 using Edge Impulse.
  • Low power UDP communication over cellular on the Nordic nRF9160 DK verified with the Power Profiler Kit 2.
  • Start developing Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 using Nordic’s Dual band nRF7002 development kit.
  • Try our Tap the Light demo challenge using Bluetooth Low Energy on with Nordic Thingy:52.
  • Listen to high-quality audio with our Bluetooth LE Audio demo on nRF5340 Audio Development Kits. 

Live presentation
Join Tiago Monte's live presentation at 14:20–15:00 conference room 1

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Join our live presentation

portrait of Tiago

Understanding DECT NR+: The first non-cellular 5G standard

DECT NR+ is a versatile radio technology standard developed by ETSI, setting an example for future connectivity. It has also been included as part of ITU's 5G standards, making it the first non-cellular 5G standard, commonly dubbed "non-cellular 5G". NR+ employs a self-healing, decentralized, and autonomous mesh network, and makes use of the global and license-exempt legacy DECT 1.9 GHz band. The technology allows for low latency communications and massive deployments, making it suitable for both real time control and massive Internet of Things sensor nets. 


Short bio: Tiago Monte is a Developer Marketing Manager at Nordic Semiconductor, where he focuses on creating content that excites and helps developers using Nordic solutions to build their cutting-edge IoT products.