Smarter Sustainable World Challenge

Help combat climate change by creating innovative projects with the Nordic Thingy:53



Create innovative solutions that reduce our ecological footprint utilizing the sensors and Bluetooth LE connectivity of the Nordic Thingy:53 multi-protocol prototyping platform.

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The Hardware

We will give away Thingy:53s to the top 100 applicants! Get started with your application now to receive your hardware sooner. Submission for free hardware is Sunday, August 7th.

The hardware you must use to enter this contest is the Thingy:53; a battery-powered, multi-sensor IoT prototyping platform. It utilizes the nRF5340 system-on-chip, a high-performance dual-core Bluetooth LE SoC from Nordic Semiconductor. With integrated sensors for motion, sound, light, and environmental factors, it is the perfect platform for building proofs-of-concept and developing new prototypes in a very short time. It also offers embedded machine learning (ML) directly on the device, powered by Edge Impulse.

The challenge

In this challenge, you must create a solution that reduces our ecological footprint taking advatage of the Nordic Thingy:53 functionalities.

The basis for all human activity on the planet is the natural resources we have available around us. We use these resources to produce food, clean drinking water, clothes, electrical energy, and everything else we need to survive as humans. These resources are limited, and each and every one of us uses resources to a certain degree. The total amount of resources that you consume is what's called your ecological footprint.

Examples of what adds to our resource consumption include water usage, food consumption, waste generation, energy consumption for heating/cooling your work or living spaces, travel, and all the other ways you consume goods or energy.


What  When
Contest begins June 30th 2022
Applications for hardware close August 7th 2022
Hardware recipients announced August 15th 2022
Submissions close October 17th 2022
Winners announced November 1st 2022


We are giving away thousands of dollars in prizes to the top 13 projects! Our judges will pick the best qualifying 13 projects based on the judging criteria outlined in the rules section.

1st Place
Nordic surprise hardware and choose between a $2000 virtual gift card or a paid trip to Electronica with a tour of the Nordic booth

2nd Place
Nordic surprise hardware + $500 virtual gift card

3rd Place
Nordic surprise hardware + $500 virtual gift card

Runner ups
10 runner-up winners will receive surprise hardware and Nordic swags


Get a head start on your project and watch Nordic's very first webinar on the Thingy:53 scheduled on July 6, 2022.

In this webinar, Robin will walk you through the hardware features of the Thingy:53 and show a live demo of the new nRF Edge Impulse app. The app allows seamless integration with Edge Impulse Studio for developing and testing embedded ML models directly on the Thingy:53.

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