Zephyr Developer Summit 2022

Mountain View, CA & Virtual

Nordic is a proud Platinum sponsor of the Zephyr Developer Summit 2022. We will host a variety of talks and hands-on sessions throughout the event days, and give out free hardware.

The Zephyr Developer Summit is held on-site in Mountain View, CA, June 7-9. You can also follow the sessions virtually. Check out Nordic's schedule below, and go to Zephyr Developer Summit to sign up for the live sessions.

This event is for Zephyr developers to gather together and discuss emerging technologies. It will consist of a refereed track, as well as a set of mini-conferences. The refereed track will consist of presentations and birds-of-a-feather sessions to deep dive into topics.

Exhibit & give-away

Visit Nordic's tabletop #B6 in the exhibit area, and make sure to grab your free dongle for your Zephyr development.

At Nordic's tabletop #B6 in the exhibit area, you'll get the chance to talk to the Nordic team. They will show you a live demo of our newly launched nRF5340 Audio DK, and chat about all things Zephyr & Nordic. 

nRF52840 Dongle promoWe are giving away free nRF52840 Dongles - make sure to get one for yourself to use in your Zephyr development. We will show you how to build and flash a Zephyr sample on the nRF52840 Dongle.




Nordic will host a number of talks and hands-on sessions at the Zephyr Developer Summit. See below for the full schedule with Nordic presenters.

June 7, 1:40 PM PDT

Introduction to pin control in Zephyr

Pin control is a feature that is fundamental in most, if not all, systems. It allows configuring signal multiplexing, pin properties such as bias, drive mode, etc. Efforts have been made to standardize the way pin control works in Zephyr, leading to the new pinctrl API. We will talk about the pinctrl API in this presentation: its design principles, similarities with Linux, examples, etc.

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June 7, 2:20 PM PDT

How to get your Zephyr patches merged

This talk is for everyone who is interested in contributing code or documentation to Zephyr, and wants to learn how to do so effectively.  We'll cover all the details, including:  - deciding whether or not to send your contribution upstream - how to structure your contribution - how to create your initial pull request - what to do when you get continuous integration (CI) results - what to do when you get review feedback - how to update your pull request to address CI problems or review comments - what to do when things seem slow  Carles and Martí are both longtime Zephyr developers and the release managers for Zephyr v3.1, so they have years of real-world experience both submitting and merging pull requests to Zephyr. Attending this talk will be a great way to learn about contributing to Zephyr from some core developers, and will include an opportunity for Q&A. 

Speaker - Carles Cufí, Software Engineer

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June 7, 3:20 PM PDT 

Tutorial: Mastering Zephyr driver development

In this presentation, we'll cover a broad range of topics related to Zephyr driver development, including:  - General guidelines about Zephyr device drivers and best practices - The role of Devicetree and Kconfig in device drivers - Application-specific topics: out-of-tree drivers, custom driver APIs... - Hands-on: implementing a real driver

Speaker - Gerard Marull Paretas, Software and Electrical Engineer 

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June 8, 7:00 AM PDT

Virtual session: LE Audio – specification and Zephyr implementation

Bluetooth (TM) LE Audio is coming, and Zephyr is well placed to play a role in this new audio ecosystem.  LE Audio is expected to be used by a large number of devices, and to significantly increase the number of Bluetooth-enabled devices sold. Most of the LE Audio specifications are already adopted, and the last specifications are on track to be completed H1 2022.  Indications are that a number of LE Audio devices will be running Zephyr. Zephyr has large parts of an LE Audio implementation in place. The implementation has been developed over three years by a cooperation of Zephyr member companies, and is now being upstreamed and completed.  In this presentation, Asbjørn Sæbø and Emil Gydesen give a brief overview of the LE Audio specifications and the new use cases they enable. They then present and walk through the code base implementing these specifications in the Zephyr project.

Speaker - Asbjørn Sæbø, Principal Project Manager

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June 8, 7:30 AM PDT

Virtual session: Logging in multi-core environment

Debugging multi-core system is hard as single stepping is usually not an option. Developer relies on logging even more and yet it also becomes more challenging to do that in an efficient and user friendly way. This talk is intended to present measures that can be taken to allow logging in multi-core environment. It presents the design extensions in Zephyr logging subsystem to provide a model which is scalable far beyond single core case.

Speaker - Krzysztof Chruściński, Senior Firmware Engineer 

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June 8, 9:10 AM PDT

Keynote: Zephyr as the Foundation for a Microcontroller SDK 

Zephyr Project infrastructure and tools can be leveraged to dramatically simplify development and maintenance with a silicon vendor Software Development Kit integrating the Zephyr RTOS. in this short talk we describe how Nordic Semiconductor makes use of this principle to build the nRF Connect SDK; a scalable, modern SDK that supports our wireless System on Chip ICs.

Speaker - Carles Cufí, Software Engineer

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June 8, 2:30 PM PDT

Twister v2: New framework for testing based on pytest. Overview and current status. 

The presentation will be focused on Twister v2: the main concepts behind it and the current state of its implementation. A prototype based on pytest will be presented. The goal is to show if/how the pytest-based approach and its tools can be used to create a solid test framework for Zephyr's needs. The audience will be introduced to the process behind Twister v2 and encouraged to contribute to its fulfillment.  More details about Twister v2: https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/issues/42458 

Speaker - Maciej Perkowski, SW test developer

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June 9, 9:40 AM PDT

Zephyr devicetree mysteries, solved

Devicetree is a foundational part of Zephyr. It is a domain-specific language and data format used throughout the project for describing the hardware a Zephyr application runs on, as well as its initial configuration.  Despite its widespread use, however, it is often regarded as a mysterious area, and it can be difficult to diagnose build errors related to devicetree.  This talk describes the design and implementation of the Zephyr's devicetree subsystem, going beyond the user-facing API to describe implementation details underlying common confusion. 

Speaker - Marti Bolivar, Software Engineer

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June 9, 11:20 AM PDT

USB support in Zephyr OS

For a long time we have only USB device support in Zephyr OS, and unfortunately one with many drawbacks. Since a few months Johann is working on the new USB device support, and and recently also on the USB host support.  Johann will make an overview of the overhauled USB device support in Zephyr OS, from the USB controller driver (UDC) API and tips on how to implement a new controller driver, to the USB device stack interface to classes or functions.  In the second part the Johann will present the basic USB host support and USB host controller API, as deep as it is developed at the time of the presentation. The focus will be on testing the entire USB subsystem. Also the use of the USBIP protocol will be demonstrated.

Speaker - Johann Fischer, R&D Engineer

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To see the full schedule at the Zephyr Development Summit 2022, click here.