Changes in the Executive Management Team

Oslo, Norway
Svein-Egil and Linda

Nordic Semiconductor’s CTO, Svein-Egil Nielsen, has decided to step down from his position in the company to pursue new adventures after almost 18 years in Nordic over two periods. In addition, Linda Pettersson, SVP Legal & Compliance, had her last working day 29th February consequent to accepting a job opportunity outside of Nordic. 

Svein-Egil Nielsen started his career in Nordic in 2001 as Sales and Marketing Director proceeding a short period as R&D Director. Following a US relocation in 2007 serving Innovation Norway as Director of San Francisco and Houston offices, Svein-Egil returned to Nordic in 2011 to head up the Emerging Technologies and Strategic Partnership function, before taking on the role as Chief Technology Officer in 2013.

“Following a long tenure in Nordic in exciting times with fantastic growth and development of the company, I respect that Svein-Egil now wishes to seek new opportunities. Svein-Egil has been an instrumental part of the success story towards the company that Nordic is today, and I wish him the best of luck in future adventures. I wish to extend the whole Nordic team’s appreciation and gratefulness towards Svein-Egil’s contributions for the company over all these years”, says Vegard Wollan, CEO. 

“While Nordic is now preparing for the next phase for the company, I find this being the right time to move on. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved as a team over these years, and it has truly been a unique journey. I want to express my gratitude to all colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders I have been working with during these years and wish the company and its partners all the best for the future”, says Svein-Egil Nielsen.

Svein-Egil will have his last day at Nordic 15th March. As immediate interim, Joakim Ferm will step in to head up the R&D function in close collaboration with and in direct report to Nordic’s CEO as part of the Executive Management Team. Joakim holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has held different positions in Nordic since 2008. Before joining the company, he served as RF Designer in Nokia Denmark. 

Linda Pettersson has headed up the Legal & Compliance function in Nordic since 2022 as part of the CEO’s Executive Management Team. She joined the company as Group Compliance Officer in 2021, with extensive international experience within Legal and Compliance functions from several different sectors. In November, Linda decided to accept an offer outside of Nordic, and had her last day at Nordic 29th February. 

The Legal & Compliance function is now led by Christian W. Skovly-Guttormsen as Head of Legal, and Gunnar Kreymborg as Head of Compliance. They both report to CFO Pål Elstad.

“Linda has served as an outstanding Legal counsel to Nordic during her tenure here and developed the function into an incremental contributor to Nordic’s business with her expertise and ways to challenge and see opportunities. While she will be profoundly missed, I am confident that her team is well prepared for our future journey. The whole Nordic team joins me in thanking Linda for all her contributions in a period where her expertise has been of the highest value to the company. Now, I look forward to working more closely with Christian, Gunnar, and the rest of the team.” says Pål Elstad, CFO.

CEO Vegard Wollan is continuing his onboarding period since starting his recent tenure with Nordic 1st January 2024, and will carefully consider opportunities for the company including development of the Executive Management Team as part of this.