IoT Cloud services provider Golioth joins Nordic Partner Program

Oslo, Norway

Golioth’s Cloud solution is seamlessly integrated with Nordic’s wireless IoT products for customers to easily measure, monitor and manage end-devices at scale

San Francisco, CA-based IoT Cloud services provider Golioth has joined Nordic Semiconductor’s rapidly expanding Nordic Partner Program (NPP) as a solution partner. Golioth offers an IoT platform that makes it easy to link Cloud services to IoT devices. The platform seamlessly integrates with Nordic’s nRF9160 low power SiP for cellular IoT and its nRF53 and nRF52 Series Bluetooth® Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) and Thread multiprotocol Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) for shorter range wireless products. This integration makes it easy for Nordic customers to measure, monitor, and manage their IoT end devices at scale.

The addition of Golioth to the NPP will provide Nordic customers with full access to the company’s IoT platform—which is fully compatible with Nordic’s wireless IoT solutions—as well as the firm’s reference designs. The IoT platform supports use cases including asset tracking, shipping & logistics, mobility, and building automation. The reference designs support industries including healthcare, energy, transportation, manufacturing, security, and waste management. Golioth’s solution enables Nordic customers to easily manage, secure, and scale using its turnkey high-performance IoT infrastructure so they can focus more on innovation and meeting their customers’ expectations.

Built on Zephyr RTOS

Golioth’s Cloud solution is built on the Zephyr real time operating system (RTOS) and includes native support for Nordic’s nRF Connect SDK (Software Development Kit), nRF9160 SiP, and nRF52 and nRF53 Series SoCs. The Golioth product is also being extended to Nordic’s other Internet Protocol (IP) interoperable solutions such the nRF7002 Wi-Fi companion IC and Thread SoCs. This allows Nordic customers to use the Golioth platform to scale IoT product launches quickly and easily with fast, simplified integration to the Cloud, granular monitoring tools, and advanced security features.

From concept to the management of IoT end devices in the field, this partnership between Nordic and Golioth will make it quicker and easier for customers to implement an end-to-end process
Lorenzo Amicucci, Nordic Semiconductor

“From concept to the management of IoT end devices in the field, this partnership between Nordic and Golioth will make it quicker and easier for customers to implement an end-to-end process,” says Lorenzo Amicucci, Business Development Manager, Nordic. “And the extension of Golioth’s IoT platform to Nordic’s new Wi-Fi IC and expanding Thread portfolio means that no matter what Nordic technology our customers choose, Golioth will be there to make things simpler for them.”

NPP continues to grow

Now in its third year, the NPP was developed to assist Nordic customers by providing products, services, and solutions that complement Nordic’s portfolio of short range wireless and low power cellular IoT connectivity hardware, firmware, development tools, and reference designs. With more than 40 design and solution partners now members of the program, Nordic customers have unprecedented access to industry-wide expertise across numerous wireless technology disciplines. Partners have broad experience of Nordic technologies and can offer turnkey services able to help get products wirelessly connected and bring them to high volume manufacturing.

“Golioth targets a wide range of best-in-class IoT solutions and sees Nordic as a critical strategic partner in this market segment. For that reason and others, we’re truly excited to partner with Nordic,” says Jonathan Beri, CEO of Golioth. “Nordic sets the bar for low-power wireless IoT products, which is exactly the quality our customers have come to expect. This partnership helps significantly speed up time-to-delivery on top of a world-class experience, which we feel is imperative for the IoT market.

“We look forward to the innovations that Nordic customers and Golioth customers can bring to the world through this relationship.”