Nordic Semiconductor’s Arm dual-core nRF5340 SoC shortlisted in World Electronics Achievement Awards

nRF5340 SoC

The world first SoC offering two Arm Cortex-M33 processors nominated in RF/Wireless/Microwave category of global awards

Nordic Semiconductor today announces that its nRF5340™ high-end multiprotocol System-on-Chip (SoC), the world’s first SoC based on an Arm® Cortex-M33 dual-processor hardware architecture, has been shortlisted as a finalist in the ‘RF/Wireless/Microwave’ product category of the 2021 World Electronics Achievement Awards (WEAA).

Outstanding innovation

The WEAA program honors products, companies, and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to innovation and development in the global electronics industry, and have demonstrated leadership and excellent performance. Organized by the world’s largest electronics industry media group, ASPENCORE, the winners will be determined by a judging panel comprising editors, senior industry analysts, online readers, and product users worldwide.

With our nRF Connect SDK we also help make these complex applications much easier and simpler to implement 
Bjørn Åge “Bob” Brandal, Nordic Semiconductor

Recognized as the world’s leading Bluetooth® Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) semiconductor chip company, Nordic has evolved into a wireless IoT firm able to ‘connect anything’ via ultra low power, short-range wireless technologies such as Bluetooth LE; or low-power, long-range wireless technologies such as the latest IoT-targeted versions of cellular wireless technology, LTE-M and NB-IoT.

The nRF5340 SoC is the world’s first wireless SoC with two Arm® Cortex®-M33 processors, a high performance application processor capable of DSP and Floating Point, offering voltage and frequency scaling options and running up to 128MHz (514 CoreMark) with dedicated 1MB Flash and 512KB RAM, and a fully programmable, ultra low power network processor running at 64MHz (244 CoreMark) with dedicated 256KB Flash and 64KB RAM. It is a comprehensive solution for the most complex IoT applications, and features High-Speed USB, multiprotocol capability (supporting Bluetooth 5.2, LE Audio, Bluetooth Direction Finding, Long Range, Bluetooth mesh, Thread, Zigbee, ANT™, IEEE 802.15.4, NFC and proprietary 2.4GHz RF protocol software), as well as trusted execution, root-of-trust, and secure key storage security features through Arm TrustZone® technology. Arm CryptoCell-312 provides hardware accelerated cryptography. Software development is performed through the nRF Connect SDK integrating the Zephyr RTOS.

Power and security

“Developers are already working on implementing the more complex applications required for the commercial products of tomorrow” says Bjørn Åge “Bob” Brandal, Nordic Semiconductor, VP of Sales and Marketing, Asia Pacific. “These applications require greater computational power and high security, but with the energy efficiency for which Nordic solutions have become renowned. The nRF5340 meets these needs, and with our nRF Connect SDK we also help make these complex applications much easier and simpler to implement effectively. It is great to see this being recognized by the global electronics community in this awards program.”

The winners of the WEAA 2021 will be announced at a ceremony on Wednesday, November 3. Voting closes on Thursday, September 30, and is available here.