Nordic Semiconductor opens new sales and customer support office in Australia

Oslo, Norway
Nordic Semiconductor Sydney

Sydney office to provide fast, on-site support to Nordic’s growing Southeast Asian customer base

Nordic Semiconductor today announces that it has opened a new sales, marketing, and customer support office for Southeast Asia, allowing the company to provide faster customer support to the region’s rapidly expanding high-tech wireless electronics design and manufacturing sectors.

The new office officially opened on January 1, 2020, and is based in Sydney, Australia. In addition to Australia, the office will service New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. 

The opening of the new office is a response to the growth and maturation of companies designing and developing both short-range wireless and low power cellular IoT solutions in the ASEAN and ANZ regions across a wide range of market segments, particularly in the home automation and smart metering categories. 
Customers in Southeast Asia are looking for a niche, a competitive edge against big multinational companies, and this is what Nordic’s cellular solution can deliver
Wendell Boyd, Nordic Semiconductor
"We are seeing a lot of growth in the ASEAN and ANZ regions and opening this office was the next natural progression,” says Wendell Boyd, Regional Sales Manager for ASEAN and Australia and New Zealand. “For example, in Vietnam alone tens of thousands of engineers are graduating each year, and our customers are seeing the benefits of these engineers coming through the system. It’s the same in Thailand, and Singapore, we are seeing more engineers, more innovation, and more opportunity in electronics design.”
The launch of Nordic’s nRF9160 low power System-in-Package (SiP) with integrated LTE-M/NB-IoT modem and GPS for cellular IoT product applications would also present opportunities for customers in a region where solutions that deliver a high level of integration, functionality, and low power, were key. 
“Our customers in Southeast Asia are looking for a niche, a competitive edge against big multinational companies, and this is what Nordic’s cellular solution can deliver,” says Boyd. “With the nRF9160 SiP they can do a complete cellular system on one device and manage cellular connectivity straight to the Cloud with all the security they need. It’s a perfect solution for this market.”
Boyd, who has been representing Nordic solutions for almost 20 years, will head up the Sydney office, which he believes will strengthen Nordic’s relationship with its current distribution partners, providing an increased presence, faster response, and the basis for further collaboration on joint meetings with existing and potential customers.
“Customers will now have a much more local support office,” says Boyd. “When a customer has a challenge and requires support, now we have someone who can take responsibility to bring the right people in and help them find a solution.”
Engineering support for Nordic’s ASEAN and ANZ customers will continue to be serviced from Nordic’s established Asian HQ, situated in Hong Kong.