Test and evaluation software

A suite of development tools for the Nordic Semiconductor nRF device range

Our Software Range

Specific solutions for specific needs

From quick-start GUI solutions to command line options to build up automated test and
verification systems, we have the desktop software tools to meet the most demanding of

For advanced developers, the source code for most of our apps is available from the
Nordic Semiconductor repository on GitHub.

nRF Connect

Evaluate, test, verify - anywhere

nRF Connect for Desktop, Mobile and Cloud

A suite of cross-platform tools for developing with Nordic devices, nRF Connect is an
expandable platform from which you can launch applications for various functions.

It supports development for Bluetooth, custom programming, power optimization, and
cloud services. nRF Connect for Desktop is under constant development, with new apps
available for download from within the tool itself.

Thread topology monitor

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nRF Thread Topology Monitor

nRF Thread Topology Monitor is a cross-platform desktop tool that enables developers to visualize Thread mesh network topology in real time.

Command Line Tools

Essential software for advanced users

The nRF Command Line Tools are used for automated scripting of the development,
execution and debugging of Nordic Semiconductor nRF51, nRF52 and nRF91 Series devices.

nrfjprog executable
Tool for programming through Segger J-LINK programmers and debuggers
nrfjprog DLL
A DLL that exports functions for programming and controlling
nRF51 and nRF52 series devices and lets developers create their
own development tools using the DLLs API
mergehex executable
Enables you to combine up to three .HEX files into one single file
SEGGER J-Link Software and documentation pack (only included in the Windows installer)

nRF Command Line Tools

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nRF Command Line Tools

The nRF Command Line Tools are used for development, programming, and debugging of Nordic Semiconductor's nRF51, nRF52, nRF53 and nRF91 Series devices.

nRF Util

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nRF Util

nRF Util is a development tool for generating DFU packages.

nRF Pynrfjprog

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nRF Pynrfjprog

The nRF Pynrfjprog is a simple Python interface for the nrfjprog DLL.


For Bluetooth LE and 802.15.4

nRF Sniffer for Bluetooth LE

nRF Sniffer for Bluetooth LE is a useful tool for learning about and debugging Bluetooth Low Energy applications.

Allowing you to see what's happening on-air, nRF Sniffer for Bluetooth LE provides a near real-time display of Bluetooth LE packets.

This helps you identify and fix issues quickly during the development phase.

nRF Sniffer for 802.15.4

A helpful and valuable sniffer for learning and debugging 802.15.4 protocols, like Thread and Zigbee.