Bluetooth mesh

A scalable mesh technology 
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The technology 

Concurrent multicast in large-scale networks

Bluetooth mesh is a state-of-the-art standard that extends the capabilities of Bluetooth Low Energy to include the mesh networking. It enables powerful concurrent multicast (many-to-many) communication in networks with thousands of devices. The functionality is a vital update for new applications in lighting, sensor networking, predictive maintenance, asset tracking and positioning.

Bluetooth mesh is a managed flooding mesh, which is a simple and reliable approach to distribute messages in a larger networks. Reliability is ensured with multiple paths from source to destination and there is no single point of failure. Security permeates the technology, network and application security are completely separated, and protection against attacks is built in.

Nordic's offering

for Bluetooth mesh

Nordic offers the complete solution for Bluetooth mesh development, with the nRF52 Series SoC, nRF5 SDK for Mesh and nRF Mesh. The nRF52 Series is a family of advanced multiprotocol SoCs, with different memory sizes and capabilities, allowing you to select the perfect SoC for your application.

nRF5 SDK for Mesh is the software development kit for Bluetooth mesh, it contains a qualified Bluetooth mesh profile v1.0 stack with all optional roles and features, in addition to models and examples.

nRF Mesh are open source libraries for building your own Android and iOS Bluetooth mesh apps. It is also the name of the apps demonstrating a subset of the capabilities of the libraries.

Software development kit

For Bluetooth mesh

nRF5 SDK for Mesh

The nRF5 SDK for mesh is ideal for developing applications that use Bluetooth mesh networks . It is a richly featured SDK for building sophisticated solutions with Bluetooth mesh.

Mobile app

For provisioning, configuration and control

nRF Mesh

The nRF Mesh apps enables you to provision, configure and control Bluetooth mesh networks, to demonstrate a subset of the capabilities of the nRF Mesh open source libraries.

Source code available!

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