Bluetooth Low Energy

The world's most popular connectivity choice

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The technology

Efficient, low-cost and interoperable

Bluetooth® Low Energy provides low-cost, interoperable wireless connectivity to compact battery-operated applications. It is a wireless protocol operating in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, with up to 1.4 Mbps application throughput or up to 1,000 m range. The technology is highly effective, minimizing the energy needed to transfer data. It is secure, specifying features to ensure confidentiality, integrity and privacy.

Bluetooth LE is now standardized in all smart phones, tablets and laptops, in addition wide range of other devices. It has support in iOS and Android, as well as macOS, Windows 10 and Linux.

Bluetooth Direction Finding

Accurate indoor positioning with Bluetooth

Bluetooth 5.1 introduced a major new feature for Bluetooth Low Energy; Direction Finding. This feature offers exciting new possibilities for accurate indoor positioning of assets and people in three-dimensional space.

Read more about Bluetooth Direction Finding.

Bluetooth 5

Further and faster

Bluetooth 5 is the most important improvement of the Bluetooth standard since the introduction of Bluetooth LE in Bluetooth 4.0. The new features significantly enhance all applications, and give life to applications that just weren't feasible before. The nRF52 Series SoCs are all Bluetooth 5.

The 2 Mbps mode increases application throughput, up to 1.4 Mbps, enabling streaming and high bandwidth applications. Compared to the 1 Mbps mode, it is much more energy effective, halving the amount of energy per bit, facilitating applications to last longer on the same size battery, or have a smaller and cheaper battery.

Advertising Extensions revolutionizes the broadcasting capabilities of Bluetooth LE devices. Up to 8 times more advertising data can be included in an advertisement. Long Range connection establishment can be done directly. Advertisements can be chained together to broadcast larger advertising data sets.

Channel Selection Algorithm #2 (CSA #2) improves coexistence performance and robustness.

The Long Range mode allows Bluetooth LE devices to communicate further apart and enables complete smart home coverage.

Bluetooth Low Energy - Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth feature capabilities

nRF52 and nRF53 Series

  nRF52810 nRF52811
nRF52820  nRF52832  nRF52833
nRF52840  nRF5340 
Direction Finding   Yes Yes   Yes
2 Mbps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CSA #2 Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advertising Extensions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Long Range
Yes Yes 
Yes Yes Yes

Bluetooth mesh

Supported by the nRF52 Series

Bluetooth mesh is a state-of-the-art standard that extends the capabilities of Bluetooth to include large-scale networks, supported by the nRF52 Series. Leverage our qualified Bluetooth mesh stack and open source provisioning smart phone apps in your development. Our SoftDevices offers concurrent GATT operation with the Bluetooth mesh stack, providing a phone connectivity option.

Read more about our Bluetooth mesh here.


Bridging technologies with ease

The multiprotocol radios in the nRF52 Series SoCs are flexible enough to dynamically switch between protocols, providing concurrent operation. The most common use case is that you want to leverage the interoperability of Bluetooth LE in a mesh topology, it being Bluetooth mesh, Thread, Zigbee or 2.4 GHz proprietary protocols. We provide the hardware and software that makes it possible.

Read more about multiprotocol here.

Bluetooth 5.2  SoC flagship

nRF5340 SoC

Bluetooth 5.2 SoC supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth mesh, Bluetooth Direction Finding, NFC, Thread and Zigbee

128 MHz Arm Cortex-M33 CPU with
1 MB Flash + 512 KB RAM
64 MHz Arm Cortex-M33 CPU with
256 KB Flash + 64 KB RAM
Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth Direction Finding
Bluetooth mesh
Thread, Zigbee
Advanced security
105 °C extended operating temperature
1.7-5.5 V supply voltage range

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