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Container app for Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth Low Energy demo apps

The nRF Toolbox is a container app that stores your Nordic Semiconductor apps for Bluetooth® Low Energy in one location. The nRF Toolbox works with a wide range of the most popular Bluetooth LE accessories. It contains applications demonstrating the following profiles: Cycling Speed and Cadence, Running Speed and Cadence, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Health Thermometer Monitor, Glucose Monitor, Proximity Monitor and Nordic UART. The Device Firmware Update (DFU) app, which is also included, allows you to upload the application image Over-the-air (OTA). It is compatible with Nordic Semiconductor nRF5 Series devices that have the SoftDevice and bootloader enabled. The Android version supports Android Wear devices.

 Features in apps iOS Android
nRF Logger plugin support    x
Over-the-air formware update (OTA-DFU)  x  x
Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)  x  x
Health Thermometer Monitor (HTM)  x  x
Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM)  x  x
Proximity Monitor  x  x
Blood Glucose Monitor  x  x
Running Speed & Cadence  x  x
 Cycling Speed & Cadence  x  x
Nordic UART  x  x


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