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nRF5 SDK for Mesh

Software Development Kit for Bluetooth mesh solutions using nRF51 Series and nRF52 Series


Nordic offers a complete solution for the Bluetooth mesh specification with the nRF5 SDK for Mesh and the nRF51 and nRF52 Series SoCs. It provides a powerful solution for product developers to take advantage of the new capabilities introduced by Bluetooth mesh. The nRF5 SDK for Mesh is intended to be used as a foundation for any Bluetooth mesh product development.

The addition of mesh networking capabilities to Bluetooth Low Energy enables extended range, increases the number of nodes and a many-to-many (m:m) communication topology. In a Bluetooth mesh network every received packet is broadcasted by relays, until the packet is received by the destination node (a so called managed flooding mesh.) A simple, but effective way of spreading information across the mesh network with no single point of failure. The mesh functionality is a significant update and enables new applications for Bluetooth in smart home, lighting, beaconing and asset tracking applications.

SDK icon
mesh network

Bluetooth mesh network topology which can be created with the nRF5 SDK for Mesh.


  • Bluetooth mesh software core stack
  • Support for node with relay feature
    • Configurable scanning interval (from 3ms-10240ms) and duty cycle
    • Configurable advertisement interval (from 20ms-10240ms)
  • Broadcast flooding mesh
    • Theoretically up to 32,000 nodes
    • No routing feature or routing tables
    • No single point of failure
    • Node to Node and Node to group communication
    • Configurable time to live (TTL)
  • Example applications and proprietary models
  • Two-layer 128-bit AES-CCM network and transport security
  • Provisioning support
    • Provisioning over advertisement bearer
    • Proprietary “remote” provisioning over relaying nodes
  • Support for concurrent standard GATT/GAP and Mesh connections
    • For connectivity to PCs and tablets
    • For beaconing
  • Support for network processor “two chip” configuration
  • Python shell based test and demo framework for PCs
  • Support for over-the-air secure background DFU
  • Cross-platform toolchain
    • ARM GCC support
    • Segger Embedded Studio project files


  • Core Bluetooth mesh software stack up to Access layer (source code)
  • Foundation Models, Application layer including DFU, remote provisioning model, persistent storage and serializer (source code)
  • Examples for beaconing, lighting control and provisioning (source code)
  • S140,S132, S130 and S110 SoftDevices
  • Python shell based test and demo framework (source code)
  • Source code and binaries for bootloader
  • Segger Embedded Studio project files

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Software Development Kit
Nordic Semiconductor's Software Development Kits (SDK) are your starting point for software development on the nRF51 and nRF52 Series. It contains source code libraries and example applications covering wireless functions, libraries for all peripherals, bootloaders, Wired and OTA FW upgrades, RTOS examples, serialization libraries and more.

Software Development Kit

Code Name Version
nRF5-SDK-for-Mesh nRF5 SDK for Mesh zip file 1.0.1

User Guides

Code Name Version
nRF5-SDK-for-Mesh-doc nRF5 SDK for Mesh documentation zip file 1.0.1
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