nRF Connect for Desktop

Cross platform Bluetooth low energy development software


nRF Connect for Desktop is a cross-platform tool that enables testing and development with Bluetooth® Low Energy. It allows easy setup of connections with other devices and use these connections for reading and writing to the external nodes. It is supported on Windows, Linux and macOS, separate downloads for each platform.
nRF Connect for Desktop
nRF Connect is designed to be used in conjunction with the nRF51 DK, the nRF51 Dongle or the nRF52 DK running a specific connectivity application. nRF Connect will automatically detect which kit is connected and upload the needed FW if not programmed into the kit already.
Getting started guide can be found on infocenter.
nRF Connect for mobile is available for iOS and Android.

Short demo on how to use the Power Profiler Kit with nRF Connect for Desktop


  • Easy-to-use cross platform application for Bluetooth LE connectivity testing
  • Supports auto detection of connected Nordic kit and automatic FW uploading
  • Supports LE Security introduced in Bluetooth 4.2
  • Up to 8 concurrent Bluetooth LE connections
    • Max 8 concurrent central connections
    • Max 1 peripheral connection
  • Scans for Bluetooth LE devices
  • Parses advertisement data
  • Shows RSSI value
  • Connects to any connectable Bluetooth LE device
  • Discovers and parses services and characteristics
  • Allows read/write of characteristics
  • Allows enable/disable of notifications and indications
  • Parses values of known text based characteristics
  • GATT server configuration
  • Advertising
  • Simultaneous scanning, advertising and maintaining multiple connections
  • Secure DFU


  • Windows, Linux, macOS application installers and binaries

Supported products/complementary

Product Brief Description
nRF52840 Multi-protocol Bluetooth 5/Bluetooth Low Energy/ANT/802.15.4/2.4GHz RF SoC
nRF52832 Multi-protocol Bluetooth 5/Bluetooth Low Energy/ANT/2.4GHz SoC
nRF52810 Multi-protocol Bluetooth 5/Bluetooth Low Energy/ANT/2.4GHz SoC
nRF52840 DK Development kit for nRF52840 SoC
nRF52840 Dongle Development dongle based on nRF52840
nRF52 DK Development kit for nRF52832 and nRF52810 SoC
Nordic Thingy:52 IoT Sensor Kit with nRF52832 SoC
nRF51822 Bluetooth Low Energy and 2.4GHz proprietary multiprotocol Soc
nRF51824 Automotive grade Bluetooth Low Energy SoC
nRF51422 ANT and ANT/Bluetooth Low Energy multiprotocol SoC
nRF51 DK Bluetooth Low Energy/ANT/2.4GHz Development kit

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PC software
To aid your product development, Nordic also offers a range of tools enabling you to interact with and monitor your product


Code Name Version
nRF-Connect-Linux nRF Connect installer for Linux 64-bit 2.6.0
nRF-Connect-macOS nRF Connect archive for macOS 2.6.0
nRF-Connect-Windows nRF Connect installer for Windows 2.6.0