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  • Added Segger Embedded Studio (SES) IDE support.
  • Added Keil MDK-ARM IDE support.
    • Added new examples.
    • Added support for Multicast DFU.
    • Added USB transport for CLI and NCP examples.
    • Added support for Thread Sleepy End Device role in dynamic multiprotocol solution.
    • Added support for Thread sniffer using NCP software.
  • Updated SDK codebase to nRF5 SDK v14.1.0.
  • Initial release of Thread/BLE dynamic multiprotocol solution which allows for concurrent operation of Thread and BLE utilizing OpenThread and SoftDevice stacks.
  • Examples demonstrating dynamic multiprotocol operation of Thread and BLE:  
    • BLE NUS (Nordic UART Service) + Thread MTD running CoAP Client  
    • BLE Proximity Profile + Thread FTD running CoAP Server  
    • BLE Eddystone + Thread FTD running CoAP Server  
    • BLE HRS Profile + Thread FTD running CoAP Server + FreeRTOS  
    • BLE/Thread dynamic multiprotocol template application 
  • Example demonstrating the use of FreeRTOS with OpenThread.  
  • Support for IAR compiler for OpenThread stack and all example applications.  
  • Examples demonstrating multiprotocol support and switching between Bluetooth low energy peripheral and Thread FTD and MTD roles
  • Thread Border Router has been updated to support Wi-Fi link connectivity
  • Support for DNS64 in Thread Border Router
  • Support for DNSv6 client for Thread nodes
  • Added hardware acceleration for SHA256 and AES-ECB cryptographic procedures using ARM CryptoCell (hardware acceleration for ECC was already introduced in v0.8.0)
  • Updated Thread Cloud CoAP Client example to use DNS instead of hardcoded IPv6 address of the cloud
  • Updated pre-built OpenThread libraries
  • See the release notes for more information