Press Articles - 2012

A selection of press articles on Nordic Semiconductor and its ULP wireless technology published in 2012.

31 Dec 2012 SoCs Signal Relief for Vulnerable Vertebrae Electronic Design Europe
31 Dec 2012 Getting Lost Will Get Harder in 2013 Future Cities
20 Dec 2012 Extending Battery Life in Ultra Low Power Wireless Applications Low-Power Design
12 Dec 2012 Windows Opens Up to Bluetooth v4.0 App Developers Mobile Development & Design
25 Sep 2012 Simplifying Wireless Design Complexity (page 28-29) Electronics
03 Sep 2012 Wireless Monitoring Helps Protect Consumer Health RTC
31 July 2012 Wireless Monitoring Protects Consumer Health Electronics Specifier Design
01 May 2012 Bluetooth v4.0's Smart Start Electronics Specifier Design
13 Apr 2012 ULP Wireless Security: No One-Size-Fits-All Solution RF&Microwave Designline
17 Feb 2012 The Evolution of Wireless Audio Electronic Specifier Design
31 Jan 2012 A Short History of Spread Spectrum RF&Microwave Designline
18 Jan 2012 Case Study: Tiny Wireless Heart Monitor Design News
18 Jan 2012 The Impact of High Pulse Drain on CR2032 Coin-Cell Battery Capacity Power Management Designline