Press Articles - 2010

A selection of press articles on Nordic Semiconductor and its ULP wireless technology published in 2010.

December 2010

Communications DesignLine

ANT rides the Tour de France (by Rod Morris)


November 2010

Communications DesignLine

Inside Bluetooth low energy (by Kjartan Furset)


October 2010


Managing Diabetes with Wireless Connectivity (by Alf Helge Omre)


September 2010

EDN DEV-monkey

Nordic offers racing development kit to spur ultra-low-power RF link applications (by Loring Wirbel)


June 2010

Wireless Design & Development (US)

Wireless PC peripherals point the way for RF remote control (by Svenn-Tore Larsen)


May 2010

Techonline India

RF remotes compete for IR's crown (by Chim Chan)

RF will replace IR for remote control. But which technology will dominate?


March 2010

Electronics Weekly (UK)

Bluetooth low energy module aims at watches (by Steve Bush)

A module from France gives designers a head start.


Q1 2010

SIGnature (Bluetooth SIG)

Remote possibilities (by Robert Ebisch)

Bluetooth low energy will extend battery life.


January 2010

RF DesignLine

Easing the challenge of RF design (Part 1) (by Jay Tyzzer)

Easing the challenge of RF design (Part 2) (by Jay Tyzzer)

It's important to know what affects a wireless link's performance.