S112 SoftDevice

Memory-optimized Bluetooth 5 protocol stack with dual peripheral and broadcaster roles

Nordic Semiconductor’s S112 v5.1 is a memory-optimized Bluetooth® 5 protocol stack for building high-performance Bluetooth Low Energy applications on the nRF52810 multi-protocol SoC. S112 occupies approx. 100kB of flash memory and thus enables applications that require fewer connections when in operation. S112 supports the following Bluetooth LE roles in concurrent operation:

  • Peripheral x 2
  • Broadcaster x 1


S112 v5.1 is a highly featured, qualified Bluetooth 5 protocol stack that can significantly improve your application’s performance with its support for the following:

  • Bluetooth 5: 2Mbps datarate
  • Bluetooth 5: Channel Selection Algorithm #2
  • Configurable ATT MTU
  • LE Secure Connections
  • Link Layer Ping
  • Privacy 1.2


The S112 is delivered as a pre-qualified binary file available for download from Nordic Semiconductor. As a pre-qualified binary file it is independent of application development and allows for a much simpler, safer development process when making Bluetooth LE applications.



Click to download the latest version of the S112 SoftDevice.


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