Major application areas for Nordic's ultra low power (ULP) wireless solutions

Nordic's full range of 2.4GHz, ANTâ„¢, and single mode Bluetooth low energy (previously called Bluetooth Smart) ULP wireless ICs can be used to enable wireless connectivity in a range of different applications and market segments. Click on a segment below to learn more.



PC Peripherals

  • Mice
  • Keyboards
  • Remote controls
  • Trackpads
  • Presenters
  • 3D glasses

Sports and Fitness

  • Sports watches
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Bike computers
  • Speed sensors
  • Gym machines


  • Controllers
  • Microphones
  • 3D glasses


  • Remote controlled toys
  • Interactive games

Mobile phone accessories

  • Proximity tags
  • Watches
  • Sports and fitness sensors
  • Healthcare sensors


  • Blood glucose meters
  • Blood pressure meters
  • Weight scales
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Hearing Aids

Consumer Electronics

  • Remote controls for set-top boxes,
    TVs, DVD/BR players, media centers
  • Remote controls for sound systems
  • 3D glasses for TVs
  • Home karaoke systems
  • Wireless subwoofers


  • HVAC controls
  • Lighting controls
  • Access controls
  • Asset tracking
  • Garage door openers