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  • Added an NFC Type 4 Tag stack (experimental).
  • Replaced the existing Eddystone example with a new implementation.
  • Added experimental support for the new nRF52840 chip. See the section "Scope for the nRF52840" for information about which SDK features are supported on the new chip in the release notes.
  • Added serialization of the S132 SoftDevice v3.0.0. Serialization of S130 is now deprecated.
  • Included the latest MDK v8.9.0 with a crucial workaround for nRF52832 Errata 108.
  • Added Secure DFU bootloader that replaces the legacy DFU
  • Added Continuous Glucose Monitoring Service (CGMS)
  • Support for the latest SoftDevices:
    • S132 v3.0.0
    • S332 v2.0.0 (distributed by Dynastream)
    • S212 v2.0.0 (distributed by Dynastream)
  • Gazell support for nRF52 (experimental)
  • Combined SDK supporting both the nRF51 and the nRF52 Series
  • Moved Peer Manager out of experimental
  • Moved NFC libraries out of experimental and added support for low power mode
  • Added drivers for all nRF52 peripherals
  • Added serialization of the S132 and S130 SoftDevices
  • Added support for SoftDevices S130 v2.0.0, S132 v2.0.0, S212 v0.9.x, and S332 v0.9.x
  • Replaced the Enhanced ShockBurst library with a new implementation (based on µESB)
  • Included a critical MDK update (v8.5.0)
  • Removed support for CMSIS Packs
  • For more details, see release notes
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