Versions Changelog Download
  • Initial release of new High Level nRFJProgDLL
  • Added support for nRF52840_xxAA_Rev1 device
  • Added support for long frames in NRFJPROG_qspi_custom() function
  • Updated Segger JLinkARM installer to JLink_Windows_V616a.exe
  • Support Segger JLinkARM v6.16 and up
  • Changed default family for operations in nrfjprog.ini to UNKNOWN for automatic detection of the device's family
  • Added -qspicustominit for sending of QSPI custom commands after initialization of the external memory.
  • Added support for nRF52810_xxAA_REV1 device
  • Added support for Python 3.6 in pynrfjprog
  • Updated pynrfjprog examples
  • Added auto-detect of family if any function is called with family option UNKNOWN
  • Improve device type naming. Old names are kept for compatibility
  • Improve verification speed with option –fast in nrfjprog
  • Update bundled JLinkARM installer to v6.14b
  • Added support for the nRF52832_QFAB device
  • Added support for the nRF51801_QCAB device
  • Improved functionality to the QSPI.
  • Added new configurable options for support of more QSPI memories.
  • Eliminated pop-up for unprotect action introduced in JLinkARM.dll version 6.13a or later for nRF51 devices. The default action is to not unprotect the device.
  • Fixed minor bugs in python pynrfjprog
9.2.1 Updated JLINK driver package to v6.12a Download
9.2.0 Added support for nRF52840 and for programming of external QSPI-connected flash memory. For more minor updates and bug fixes, see release notes. Download
9.1.0 Highlights of update:
  • Added new .DLL function
  • Exposed -jdll command line flag
9.0.0 Includes modifications, new features and bugfixes.
  • 1. Improved feeeback for --eraseuicr.
  • 2. Corrected minor bug in --program. If user has no read permisson to file, new NoReadPermissionError returned.
  • 3. nrfjprog.ini only parsed if needed.
  • 1. Added new NRFJPROG_read_connected_emu_snr() function.
  • 2. Documented missing side-effect for NRFJPROG_recover().
  • 3. Added side-effect to NRFJPROG_recover() - RESETREAS in POWER peripheral will be cleared.
  • 4. New possible error return, NOT_AVAILABLE_BECAUSE_MPU_CONFIG, in NRFJPROG_erase_uicr() and NRFJPROG_erase_all() functions for nRF51.

  • 1. Moved MultiAPI class to its own
  • 2. Added read_connected_emu_snr() function.
  • 3. Added optional parameter encoding to rtt_read and rtt_write data.
  • 4. Corrected errors in log functionality.
  • 5. Added new possible error NOT_AVAILABLE_BECAUSE_MPU_CONFIG to API.NrfjprogdllErr enums.