Versions Changelog Download
  • Updated DFU to support package files with signing.
  • Renamed the tool for creating DFU zip packages from nrf.exe to nrfutil.exe. Note: The source code for the utility can be found on github.
  • Bugfix: In service discovery view, descriptors would sometimes mistakenly be interpreted as characteristic values during write operations.

  • Added support for Buttonless DFU.
  • Added support for HEX file in DFU.
  • Added support for OOB authentication.

3.8.0 Updated DFU to support latest version from nRF51 IoT SDK. Added DFU zip package tool. Added new MEFW firmware, version 0.11.0. Download
3.7.1 New features
  • nRF51: Added support for new nRF51 Development kits (pca10028 and pca10031).
  • nRF51: Includes nRF Tools for installation of SEGGER drivers and nrfjprog.

Fixed issues
  • nRF51: Fixed issue when programming a bootloader twice.

Known issues
  • nRF51: Application may terminate directly after updating the SEGGER firmare.

  • Updated firmware version, supports increased throughput
  • New features: Connection and Channel Map Update, Clone services
  • Updated DFU procedure
  • Write Long and Read Long support in server