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  • Update to Segger J-Link Software Pack v6.34g
  • Only support Windows 7 and newer versions
  • Added option to support flash hex files with address-unaligned records
  • Renamed some dll header files, se release notes for details

  • Windows install includes Segger J-Link Software Pack v6.22g
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

  • Windows install Includes Segger J-Link Software Pack v6.20i
  • Added support for new device nRF52840_xxAA_ENGB

  • Windows install Includes Segger J-Link Software Pack v6.20b
  • Fixed bug in jlinkarm dll detection on Linux and OS X. Some cases were not covered by 9.7.0 update.

  • Windows install Includes Segger J-Link Software Pack v6.20b.
  • Add –ini option to nrfjprog.exe . Specifies location of nrfjprog.ini file.
  • Removed the possibility to define the QSPI settings file in the nrfjprog.ini file. Option --qspiini should be used instead.
  • Added support for nRF52832_xxAA_Rev2 and nRF52832_xxAB_Rev2 devices.
  • Fixed bug in jlinkarm dll detection in high level library on Linux and OS X. In some cases, library path was mistakenly treated as non-valid.
  • Added is_alive() and terminate() functions to multiAPI interface. Allows user to stop background MultiAPI threads and processes immediately.
  • Added NRFJPROG_get_library_info() function in HighLevel DLL. Allows readout of jlinkarm version and path to library file.
  • Added NRFJPROG_get_probe_info() function in HighLevel DLL. Allows readout of debug probe serial number, firmware version and requested clockspeed.

  • Initial release of new High Level nRFJProgDLL
  • Added support for nRF52840_xxAA_Rev1 device
  • Added support for long frames in NRFJPROG_qspi_custom() function
  • Updated Segger JLinkARM installer to JLink_Windows_V616a.exe
  • Support Segger JLinkARM v6.16 and up
  • Changed default family for operations in nrfjprog.ini to UNKNOWN for automatic detection of the device's family
  • Added -qspicustominit for sending of QSPI custom commands after initialization of the external memory.
  • Added support for nRF52810_xxAA_REV1 device
  • Added support for Python 3.6 in pynrfjprog
  • Updated pynrfjprog examples
  • Added auto-detect of family if any function is called with family option UNKNOWN
  • Improve device type naming. Old names are kept for compatibility
  • Improve verification speed with option –fast in nrfjprog
  • Update bundled JLinkARM installer to v6.14b
  • Added support for the nRF52832_QFAB device
  • Added support for the nRF51801_QCAB device