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  1. One header file added (nrf_mbr.h). Otherwise, identical to the S210 4.0.0 release

4.0.0 Major update with new features, changes and bugfixes. Main features:
  1. Support for over-the-air Device Firmware Update
  2. Support for running other protocol stacks concurrently with the SoftDevice ANT protocol stack
  3. ANT protocol updates and changes, see release notes

3.0.0 First web release of S210 ANT SoftDevice (production version). This SoftDevice is compatible with the chips: nRF51422-QFAA E00, nRF51422-QFAB A00, and nRF51422-CEAA B00. Code and RAM size occupied by the SoftDevice has changed compared to the previous version of the SoftDevice. Added some new features and improvements. Fixed known issues. See SoftDevice Specification and release note details. Download