There are 3 main benefits to creating your own Nordic MyPage account:

  • You gain full access to Nordic's technical support team
  • You get exclusive access to certain product-related downloads that will not be available to unregistered users
  • You get the ability to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to Nordic's customer technology magazine ULP Wireless Quarter, press releases and stock exchange notices


Support & Community

At Nordic Semiconductor, we are committed to provide excellent technical support to all our customers. To strive toward that goal, we provide a support web that allows us to exchange information with you in a variety of ways.

Product Update Notifications

Our aperiodic Product Update Notifications emails will keep you updated on changes to documentation, new software releases and new products.
The signup form can be found by clicking "Get Product Updates", top right on every product page. You can also click here to sign up for Product Update Notifications.



The Nordic Semiconductor Infocenter is our comprehensive library containing technical documentation for current and legacy solutions and technologies.
Click here to enter the Infocenter.


Nordic Developer Zone

An open forum where you may ask questions, share your knowledge and interact with other engineers world wide.
Dedicated Nordic technical support engineers are available in this forum.
Go to Nordic Developer Zone


Private Support Tickets

We have moved tech support to a new platform.
All your cases and your profile have been moved to:

You can still log in with the password you were using here.
If you don’t remember your password, just use the “lost password” function.

MyPage tickets and public “Devzone” Questions are still separate, but now reside on the same platform: The Devzone.

After logging in, click “View my tickets” in the profile dropdown in the top right corner of the page.
If you logged in with your MyPage user, you will find your old MyPage tickets there.

For more information, visit this forum:


Welcome to the new Devzone – we hope you like it!


Best regards,The Nordic People