S130 SoftDevice

Bluetooth Smart SoftDevice for concurrent multi-link Central/Peripheral/Broadcaster/Observer roles

The S130 is Nordic’s most advanced feature-rich SoftDevice for Bluetooth® Smart (previously called Bluetooth low energy) to date. The S130 is a concurrent multi-link SoftDevice for Central/Peripheral/Broadcaster/Observer roles in Bluetooth Smart applications. The S130 allows greater flexibility to create more complex network topologies for your Bluetooth Smart applications.


S130 SoftDevice Key Features

  • Central/Peripheral/Broadcaster/Observer roles
  • Concurrent multi-link operation for all roles
  • Bluetooth 4.1 compliant
  • Over-The-Air Device Firmware Update (OTA DFU) support with nRF51 SDK



The S130 is a Bluetooth Smart protocol stack for concurrent multi-link Central, Peripheral, Broadcaster, and Observer roles. The S130 is compliant with Bluetooth 4.1. This SoftDevice enables more advanced Bluetooth Smart network topologies to be employed in applications. This SoftDevice is ideal for Bluetooth Smart hub products that are not a smartphone, tablet or PC. It enables applications that can communicate with peripheral sensors stand-alone and also communicate concurrently with a Bluetooth Smart Ready device such as a smartphone or tablet if required. The S130 is ideally suited to Bluetooth Smart Personal Area Network (PAN) hubs such as smart watches and bike computers and other Bluetooth Smart wearables.The S130 is a qualified Bluetooth 4.1 compliant protocol stack. Additionally the S130 supports Over-The-Air Device Firmware Upgrade (OTA-DFU) to enable in the field updates to product firmware, and supports concurrent Bluetooth Smart/2.4GHz operation.


S130 and Applications

The S130 is a key enabler for developers wanting to create more flexible and autonomous products with Bluetooth smart. S130 enables products that can act as the heart of a Bluetooth Smart network, gathering and sending information and data within its own network with other devices without the necessary presence of a Bluetooth Smart Ready device such as smartphone, tablet or PC. It can just as easily communicate, simultaneously, together with a smartphone or tablet when they are required to be a part of that network. This makes the S130 an ideal choice for the new generation of ‘wearables’ that are emerging in the marketplace that require both independent network operation and the ability to communicate with smart mobile devices.


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