S110 SoftDevice v7.0

Bluetooth 4.1 compliant, with Over-The-Air Device Firmware Upgrade

Read about the S110 SoftDevice v8.0 here.


The S110 SoftDevice includes a wide range of new and useful features as part of the v7.0 release.

nRF51 DFU update

The S110 SoftDevice includes both Nordic proprietary features and Bluetooth 4.1 compliant features.

S110 SoftDevice is now available for nRF51822 and nRF51422 SoCs.


New features for the S110 SoftDevice v7.0:

Nordic proprietary

  • Over-The-Air Device Firmware Upgrade (OTA-DFU) for application and software stack
  • Bluetooth Smart and 2.4GHz proprietary concurrent operation

Bluetooth 4.1

  • Enhanced Privacy


Nordic Proprietary features


The S110 SoftDevice v7.0 is the most significant S110 SoftDevice revision since the S110's launch and builds on the Nordic nRF51 series SoC highly flexible software architecture. The nRF51 SoC is a flash based device architecture which offers repeatable firmware programming flexibility, unlike other ROM-based alternatives. The clean separation of application and protocol stack code provides developers with complete flexibility in terms of developing application code in a stand-alone manner without affecting protocol stack code or operation.

S110 v7.0 introduces Over-The-Air Device Firmware Upgrade (OTA-DFU) as an integral feature of this SoftDevice. This feature allows application, protocol stack or, application and protocol stack to be updated wireless, over the air.

This is a great benefit to product developers meaning that new features can be added to existing products in the field and brings the security of knowing bug-fixes can be implemented even when products are out in the hands of consumers.

End product manufacturers can release firmware updates to the web where they are available to be downloaded by a mobile device over services such as 3G/4G or WiFi. OTA-DFU can be triggered automatically from a Bluetooth Smart Ready mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, or from another internet-enabled device such as a Bluetooth Smart Ready PC. These updates can be carried out in a way that is simple for the consumer to accept and install, see fig. 1.




Concurrent Bluetooth Smart and 2.4GHz proprietary operation

S110 SoftDevice v7.0 also introduces concurrent protocol operation for Bluetooth Smart and 2.4GHz proprietary protocols, such as the Nordic Gazell protocol. This allows creation of hybrid network products that can take advantages of the best features of both Bluetooth Smart and those of 2.4GHz proprietary. In the case of Bluetooth Smart this may be the attractive ability to connect to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. For 2.4GHz (Gazell) it may be to take advantage of the higher datarate that is possible (2Mbs) and thus power-saving possibilities.