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The nRF Beacon application lets you explore a full range of possibilities for beacons using Bluetooth® low energy technology. The application has been designed to demonstrate all features of the nRF8122 Bluetooth Smart Beacon Kit.

The application allows you register actions that will be triggered when specified events occur. Currently a beacon may silence the phone, open an application, open a website in a browser, show predefined information about an object (Mona Lisa painting) or play an alarm on one of the 4 events: beacon region has been entered or exited, a beacon is near or very close.

nRF Beacon

Source code available to download for iOS and Android 4.3 or later here.

Available on App Store
Google Play


  • Currently the app supports the following actions:
    • Shows an object (Mona Lisa painting)
    • Opens a web browser
    • Plays an alarm
  • The app supports the following four events:
    • You enter the beacon’s range
    • You exit the beacon’s range
    • You are close to the beacon
    • You are next to the beacon



  • The nRF Beacon application supports simultaneous monitoring of multiple beacons.
  • It is compatible with nRF51822 Bluetooth Smart Beacon Kit.
  • Signal strength readings from the beacons may vary according to the different antenna types in mobile phones.
  • Software requirements:
    • Android version 4.3 or later (Tested on Samsung S3 with Android 4.3 and on Samsung S4, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 with Android 4.4.2.)
    • iOS version 7.0 or later and iPhone 4s or later
  • For Android version lower than 5.0 the application requires nRF Beacon Service application to be installed on the device. It may be downloaded from Google Play.


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