nRF BLE joiner

App designed to commission Bluetooth low energy IPv6 IoT nodes to a network


nRF BLE Joiner is an Android app designed to add new IPv6 IoT nodes to a network based on Bluetooth® low energy. The application provides the option to configure the IoT node to establish a connection to an IPv6 enabled router via Bluetooth low energy. This application acts as a reference application for customers to build their own IoT solutions based on Bluetooth low energy.
nRF BLE joiner
The app is designed to work with Nordic Semiconductor’s proprietary Node Configuration Service and will initially scan for IoT nodes in range which contains the BLE Node Configuration Service. Once connected to a node the user is allowed to add these IoT nodes to the network based on Bluetooth low energy by pressing the configure button. The application also has to pre-configure the wifi networks within the app in order to add the IoT Nodes. This can be done via scanning for wifi networks in range or can be added manually by typing the SSID and Passphrase.
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  • Scan for BLE Nodes containing the proprietary Node Configuration Service
  • Identify the connected BLE IoT Node by pressing the identify on the app that will make the LEDs on the nRF5 Dev Kit blink
  • Configuring nodes to connect to a network based on Bluetooth Smart.
  • Scanning, adding editing wifi networks within the application which is required to configure a BLE Node.



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