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IoT Sensor Kit


The Nordic Thingy apps complements the Nordic Thingy:52® IoT Sensor kit. It makes it possible to configure and interact with the Thingy out-of-the-box and can be used as a reference for your own app. This enables anyone to rapidly prototype and design of IoT applications without any hardware design and low level programming knowledge.

Are you a mobile apps developer? We got you covered!

Nordic Thingy:52 App

We have a CocoaPod in Swift-3.0 for iOS 8.0 and above, an Android Library on GitHub for your Android development needs. Those libraries are exclusively made for Nordic Thingy:52 to ensure that installation and mobile development are a breeze!

Are you a web app developer? We have a reference web app made with Polymer using the Web Bluetooth API.

Are you a firmware hacker? We got you covered too, the Thingy device is fully programmable like any other development kit from Nordic! The FW is available on the Nordic Thingy:52 page via the download tab.


Available on App Store
Google Play

Source code available to download for iOS, Android 4.3 or later and web app here.


Nordic Thingy:52 has a powerful set of environment sensing tools, motion processing unit, a button, RGB LED microphone and a speaker, allowing a multitude of configurations to allow using the device to perform the following actions within the mobile app:

Environment features

  • Room Temperature
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Humidity
  • Air quality (eCO2 ppm and TVOC ppb)


Motion features:

  • Pedometer (Step counter)
  • Tap sensor
  • Device Orientation
  • Device rotation in Euler angles or Quaternions
  • Gravity vector
  • Compass



  • Button press and release events
  • LED Control
    • Off
    • Constant ON (Full RGB and brightness control)
    • Breathe mode (Many preset colors, configurable breathe intervals and brightness)
    • One Shot mode (Many preset colors, configurable brightness)


Sound features

  • Play preset notification sounds stored on the Thingy
  • Stream any 8-Bit PCM audio from the connected app to the Thingy
  • Stream ADPCM audio from the microphone to the connected app
  • Frequency mode allows playing arbitrary frequencies with configurable duration and volume.


  • Nordic Thingy:52 Mobile Apps

Supported products/complementary

Product Brief description
nRF52832 Multi-protocol Bluetooth 5/Bluetooth low energy/ANT/2.4GHz SoC
Nordic Thingy:52 IoT Sensor Kit with nRF52832 SoC


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