nRFready µBlue Smart Remote

Multi-touch 6-axis motion sensing Bluetooth Smart RF remote control reference design
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The nRFready µBlue RF Smart Remote is a complete reference design for a multi-touch / QWERTY keyboard / 6-axis motion sensing Bluetooth® Smart remote control. It provides an ideal platform for developing advanced navigation remote controls for Connected TVs and set-top boxes, as well as multi-touch trackpads for computers. The design is built upon the nRF8001 Bluetooth Smart connectivity IC in combination with the ultra-low power flash LPC1100 series ARM® Cortex™ M0 MCU from NXP Semiconductors. This design ensures excellent power performance together with the popular, industry proven ARM® Cortex™ microcontroller architecture. Our design features a multi-touch enabled trackpad from Synaptics that supports both pointing and clicking as well as a range of multi-touch gestures. 6-axis motion sensing is enabled using the highly integrated solution from Invensense that pack a 3-axis Gyro and 3-axis accelerometer together with an advanced motion-sensing processor to enable ‘free-space’ remote control designs. An ultra-low power accelerometer from ST Microelectronics is used to intelligently detect inactivity and control power management ultra-efficiently and can additionally also be used for other features such as orientation detection.


  • Complete hardware and software reference design for a Bluetooth Smart remote solution
  • Powered by Nordic nRF8001 Bluetooth Smart connectivity IC
  • Inter-changeable connectivity module
  • Based on popular ARM® Cortex™-M0 architecture for best performance and portability options
  • 6-axis motion sensing ‘free-space’ processor
  • Ultra-low power accelerometer
  • Includes full source code and hardware design files
  • IR LED for legacy equipment support


  • 1 Smart Remote baseboard (nRF2790)
  • 1 Smart Remote Bluetooth Smart RF Module(nRF2793)
  • Getting Started guide
  • Programming tool
  • Batteries




Bluetooth Smart

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Watch the demonstration video of nRFready µBlue Smart Remote reference design, running Bluetooth® low energy (Bluetooth Smart) technology.





Reference Design

Code Name Version
nRF6923-INST nRFready µBlue Smart Remote Installation File