nRFready µBlue Desktop

Reference design for Bluetooth Smart wireless mouse and keyboard


The nRFready µBlue Desktop is a complete hardware and software reference design for completing a Bluetooth Smart keyboard and mouse. The design is based upon Nordic’s nRF8001 Bluetooth Smart connectivity IC and the Cortex M0 MCU. This design combines Nordic’s connectivity simplicity with the industry’s leading ultra-low power microcontroller core the ARM Cortex-MO MCU.


  • Complete reference design for a Bluetooth Smart wireless desktop solution
  • Includes keyboard and mouse
  • Based on popular ARM Cortex-M0 architecture for best performance and portability options
  • Includes full source code and hardware design files


  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Getting Started guide
  • Programming tool
  • Batteries
Bluetooth Smart

Supported products/complementary

Product Description
nRF6928 nRFready Desktop 2 Reference Design
nRF8001 Bluetooth low energy Connectivity IC
nRF8002 Bluetooth low energy Proximity IC

Ordering codes

Code Description
nRF6916 nRFready µBlue Desktop

Watch the demonstration video of nRFready µBlue Desktop reference design, running Bluetooth® low energy (Bluetooth Smart) technology.







Reference Design

Code Name Version
nRF6916-INST nRFready µBlue Desktop Installation File