nRF8001 SDK

Software Development Kit for nRF8001


The nRF8001 SDK is a fully featured software development kit for developing firmware on application microcontrollers used with the nRF8001. The SDK is easily ported to 3rd party microcontrollers and includes libraries for communicating with the nRF8001, Bluetooth® Smart profiles and complete example applications.

The SDK also includes the Master Control Panel, and a PC application for controlling the master emulator in the nRF8001 Development Kit.


  • Complete SDK for developing firmware on application microcontroller for the nRF8001 Bluetooth Smart Connectivity IC
  • Reference implementation on the nRF8200 8-bit flash microcontroller (also easily ported to 3rd party microcontrollers)
  • Includes software libraries for communication with the nRF8001, Bluetooth Smart profiles, and complete example applications
  • Project files for Keil μVision™ IDE


  • SDK installer (.exe)
  • Master Control Panel installer
  • Electronic documentations





Bluetooth Smart

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Code Name Version
nRF8001-SDK nRF8001 SDK Installer