nRF52 Preview DK

Development kit for nRF52832 Preview SoC


The nRF52 Preview DK is not recommended for new design, please see the nRF52 DK.

The nRF52 Preview DK is a versatile single board development kit for Bluetooth® Smart, ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary applications using the nRF52832 SoC. This kit supports development for the nRF52832 SoC.

The kit is hardware compatible with the Arduino Uno Revision 3 standard, making it possible to use 3rd-party shields that are compatible to this standard. An NFC antenna can be connected the kit to enable NFC tag functionality. The kit gives access to all I/O and interfaces via connectors and has 4 LEDs and 4 buttons which are user-programmable.

It supports the standard Nordic Software Development Tool-chain using Keil, IAR and GCC. Program/Debug options on the kit is Segger J-Link OB.

nRF52 Preview DK
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  • Low cost single board development kit supporting Bluetooth Smart, ANT and 2.4GHz
  • Arduino Uno shield compatible
  • ARM mbed enabled
  • All GPIO and interfaces available at edge connectors
  • Segger J-Link OB Program/Debug supported


  • 1 x nRF52 Preview DK board
  • 1 x 2032 battery
  • 1 x NFC antenna

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Part # Brief Description
nRF52832 Multiprotocol Bluetooth Smart/ANT/2.4GHz RF SoC
nRF52 DK Development kit for nRF52832 SoC
nRF52 SDK Software Development Kit (SDK) for the nRF52 Series

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Nordic Semiconductor protocol stacks are known as SoftDevices.SoftDevices are pre-compiled, pre-linked binary files. SoftDevices can be programmed in nRF5 series devices, and are freely downloadable from the Nordic website.


Code Name Version
S132-SD S132 nRF52 SoftDevice 1.0.0-3.alpha
S132-SD-v2 S132 nRF52 SoftDevice 2.0.1
S132-SD-v3 S132 nRF52 SoftDevice 3.1.0 (production)
S132-SD-v4 S132 nRF52 SoftDevice 4.0.0-2.alpha
S132-SD-v5 S132 nRF52 SoftDevice 5.0.0-1.alpha


Software Development Kit
Nordic Semiconductor's Software Development Kits (SDK) are your starting point for software development on the nRF51 and nRF52 Series. It contains source code libraries and example applications covering wireless functions, libraries for all peripherals, bootloaders, Wired and OTA FW upgrades, RTOS examples, serialization libraries and more.

Software Development Kit

Code Name Version
nRF5-SDK-zip nRF5 SDK Zip File 12.2.0


PC software
To aid your product development, Nordic also offers a range of tools enabling you to interact with and monitor your product


Code Name Version
nRF-Connect-OS-X nRF Connect tar.gz archive for OS X 1.1.0
nRF-Connect-Ubuntu-Linux nRF Connect tar.gz archive for Ubuntu Linux 64-bit 1.1.0
nRF-Connect-Windows nRF Connect installer for Windows 1.1.0
nRF5x-Command-Line-Tools-Linux32 nRF5x toolset tar for Linux 32-bit (nrfjprog and mergehex) 9.3.1
nRF5x-Command-Line-Tools-Linux64 nRF5x toolset tar for Linux 64-bit (nrfjprog and mergehex) 9.3.1
nRF5x-Command-Line-Tools-OSX nRF5x toolset tar for OSX (nrfjprog and mergehex) 9.3.1
nRF5x-Command-Line-Tools-Win32 nRF5x toolset installer for Windows (JLinkARM, JLink CDC, nRFjprog, and mergehex) 9.3.1
nRF5x-MDK-GCC nRF5x MDK for Gcc. 8.11.1
nRF5x-MDK-IAR nRF5x MDK for IAR Embedded Workbench. 8.11.1
nRF5x-MDK-Keil4 nRF5x MDK for Keil4 and Keil5 compatibility version. 8.11.1
nRF5x-MDK-Pack nRF5x MDK pack. 8.11.1
nRF5x-OB-JLink-IF J-Link Interface MCU Firmware for on-board debugger for nRF5x Development Tools 160212
nRF5x-OB-mbed-IF mbed Interface MCU Firmware for on-board debugger for nRF5x Development Tools 0219
nRF5x-Pynrfjprog Python binding for nrfjprog.dll. Only usable in 32 bit Python 2.7, 3.4, and 3.5, in Windows, Linux and OSX. 9.3.1
nRFgo Studio-Win32 Software tool for nRFgo Starter Kit and Development Kits for 32-bit (x86) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 1.21.2
nRFgo Studio-Win64 Software tool for nRFgo Starter Kit and Development Kits for 64-bit (x64) Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 1.21.2

Reference Layout

Code Name Version
nRF52-PDK-HW nRF52 Preview DK Hardware Files 1.1.0