nRF Sniffer

Low cost Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth low energy packet sniffer


The Nordic nRF Sniffer is an application for viewing Bluetooth® low energy (previously called Bluetooth Smart) communication between 2 Nordic devices using Bluetooth low energy (using technology that adheres to the Bluetooth specification’s low energy Core Configuration). nRF Sniffer is a useful tool for learning about, and debugging Bluetooth low energy applications and allows for near real-time display of Bluetooth low energy packets and helps identification and fixing of issues by allowing developers to see what is happening on-air. Additionally, this application allows you to save nRF Sniffer capture files of your application's Bluetooth low energy link which can be sent to Nordic Technical Support allowing for faster resolution of issues by the support engineers.

nRF Sniffer is supported by Nordic's nRF51 Development kit (and nRF51822 Development and Evaluation kits). The nRF Sniffer application together with Wireshark, a free, open-source protocol analyzer provides a powerful and cost-effective means to analyze Bluetooth low energy communication traffic and events between Nordic devices during the development cycle. There are four components required to use nRF Sniffer for your Bluetooth low energy development. The first three are available here as downloads. The Wireshark application is available from

nRF Sniffer


The nRF Sniffer application comes as pre-compiled firmware. This application is not a replacement for professional grade Bluetooth low energy protocol analyzers, and as such the same level of functionality or stability should not be expected. However nRF Sniffer represents a very useful tool to assist developers in Bluetooth low energy development at a minimal level cost.


See Application Engineer, Hung Bui present the nRF Sniffer



  • Near real-time display of Bluetooth low energy packets
  • Powerful display filers and search available through Wireshark
  • Learn more about Bluetooth low energy using the nRF Sniffer
  • Debug your application's Bluetooth low energy connection using the nRF Sniffer
  • Get faster support from Nordic when you provide sniffer traces for Bluetooth low energy issues
  • Python API for nRF Sniffer for automation and flexibility



  • nRF Sniffer firmware for nRF51822
  • nRF51 Development Kit
  • nRF51822 Development or Evaluation kit
  • nRF Sniffer PC software (Windows 7 or later)
  • Wireshark protocol analyzer application version 1.10.x only (Windows 7 or later)

Supported products/complementary

Product Brief Description
nRF51822 Bluetooth low energy and 2.4GHz proprietary multiprotocol SoC
nRF51422 ANT and ANT/Bluetooth low energy multiprotocol SoC

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PC software
To aid your product development, Nordic also offers a range of tools enabling you to interact with and monitor your product


Code Name Version
nRF-Sniffer nRF Sniffer (for older hardware) - PC Software and Device Firmware that allow you to see all Bluetooth Low Energy packets on the air between two devices. 1.0.1
nRF-Sniffer-v2 nRF Sniffer v2 - Interface Software for Wireshark and Device Firmware that allow you to see all Bluetooth Low Energy packets on the air between two devices. 2.0.0-2.beta

User Guides

Code Name Version
nRF-Sniffer-UG nRF Sniffer user guide (for older hardware) 1.4
nRF-Sniffer-UG-v2 User guide for nRF Sniffer v2 2.2