nRFready R/C Racing

Remote controlled toy reference design


The nRFready R/C racing is a complete reference design that enables innovative toy manufactures to take mass-market remote controlled toys to the next level with advanced game-play features that leverage Nordic's low cost 2.4GHz RF solutions. The reference design kit includes 2 cars, 2 controllers, 4 waypoints (that allow end users to set up free-form racing tracks), a USB dongle, and the R/C Racing Studio PC software.

The cars are based on the Nordic nRF24LE1 System-on-Chip and feature built-in crash sensors, continuous steering/throttle, and headlights. The controllers are also based on the nRF24LE1 and feature rumblers to indicate car crashes, battery level indicators, and headlight controls.


  • Complete reference design for 2.4GHz RF remote controlled toys
  • Set-up a free-form racing track using the waypoints
  • Race against more than one friend without the hassle of changing physical crystals in cars and controllers
  • Based on the Nordic Gazell protocol enabling excellent co-existence performance, low latency, best-in-class battery lifetime, and long range
  • Includes full source code and hardware design files


  • 2x cars
  • 2x controllers
  • 4x waypoints
  • USB dongle
  • CD with software and documentation

Supported products/complementary

Product Brief description
nRF24LE1 2.4GHz RF System-on-Chip with Flash
nRF24LE1 OTP 2.4GHz RF System-on-Chip with OTP
nRF24LU1+ 2.4GHz RF System-on-Chip with Flash and USB
nRF24LU1+ OTP 2.4GHz RF System-on-Chip with OTP and USB

Ordering codes

Code Description
nRF6909 nRFready R/C Racing

Application Notes

Code Name Version
nAN24-16 Changing the detection range of waypoints in nRFready R/C racing 1.0

Reference Design

Code Name Version
nRF6909-INST nRFready R/C Racing Installation file