2.4GHz RF Transmitter System-on-Chip (SoC)
Not recommended


This product is not recommended for new designs. Nordic recommends the nRF24LE1 or nRF24LE1 OTP for new designs.

The Nordic nRF24E2 is a low power, 2.4GHz RF transmitter SoC for the 2.4GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band. It includes a 2.4GHz RF transmitter core, 8-bit CPU, and RAM code memory. With its rich set of on-chip analog and digital peripherals, the nRF24E2 is an ideal low cost, flexible, single chip, ultra low power (ULP) solution for a range of applications including wireless PC peripherals, game controllers, remote controls, sports/fitness/healthcare sensors, and toys.

The nRF24E2 integrates an nRF2402 2.4GHz transmitter core, 8-bit 8051-compatible CPU, 256B RAM, 4kB RAM code memory, a boot loader, and a wide range of system peripherals including a 10-bit ADC and SPI, and UART serial interfaces.

The nRF24E2 is available in a 6 x 6mm 36-pin QFN with 10 generic I/O pins.


  • Single chip solution - highly integrated 2.4GHz RF SoC
  • Ultra low power consumption – up to years of battery lifetime
  • Nordic nRF2402 radio core, 8051 CPU, and 4kB code space
  • Rich set of on-chip analog and digital peripherals support a wide range of applications
  • On-air compatible with all Nordic nRF24L Series in 250kbps and 1Mbps mode
  • Fully on-air compatible with Nordic nRF24E and nRF240 Series


  • PC peripherals
  • Gaming
  • Sports and fitness
  • Toys
  • Consumer electronics

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The Nordic nRF24E1 is a low power, 2.4GHz RF SoC for 2.4GHz ISM band operation.

Low power consumption

  • 2µA power down mode
  • 3mA active mode with CPU at 16MHz
  • 13mA Radio TX at 0dBm


2.4GHz Radio

  • 2.4GHz ISM band operation
  • GFSK modulation 1MHz bandwidth
  • 0, -5, -10, and -20dBm programmable TX output power
  • Configurable on-air data rate of 250kbps or 1Mbps
  • Compatible with 16MHz ±30ppm crystal


ShockBurst™ hardware protocol accelerator

  • Automatic packet assembly
    (Preamble, Address, CRC)
  • Automatic packet validation


Processor and Memory

  • 8-bit 8051 CPU
  • Up to 16MHz operation
  • 256B IRAM
  • 4KB program RAM
  • ROM Boot loader for loading program code from external E2PROM


Oscillators and Timers

  • 4 to 20MHz XO
  • 3x timers


Digital I/O

  • SPI Master
  • UART


Analog I/O

  • 6 to 12-bit ADC with up to 9 input channels
  • PWM



  • 11 GPIO pins


Power supply

  • Internal linear voltage regulator
  • 1.9 to 3.6V supply range


Temperature range of -40 to +80 ºC

Package options

  • 36-pin 6 x 6mm QFN

Product Specification

Code Name Version
nRF24E2-PS nRF24E2 Product Specification 1.3
PCN-004 Product Change Notice 1.1
PCN-005 Product Change Notification
PCN-059 Product Change Notification - Cu as additional bond wire option 1.0
PCN-075 Product Change Notification 1_0
PCN-086 Change in Seven Inch Plastic Reel 1.0
PCN-094 Change on outer box container for trays and 7” reels 1.0

Application Notes

Code Name Version
nAN400-08 QFN Soldering Reflow Guidelines 1.2

White Papers

Code Name Version
nWP-001 Benefits of Total Integration of Large RF Circuits
nWP-002 Debugging nRF24EX/nRF9E5 programs using the Keil uVision2 debugger 1.1
nWP-005 Introduction to wireless networks
nWP-006 nRF Performance Test Guidelines 1.0
nWP-008 Quarterwave printed monopole antenna for 2.4GHz
nWP-010 Regulatory and Compliance Standards for RF Devices
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nWP-013 Tuning the nRF24xx matching network
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