nRF2460 Development Kit

nRFgo Development Kit for nRF2460


Using this Development Kit in conjunction with the nRFgo Starter Kit enables engineers to evaluate, perform quick application prototyping and firmware development with the nRF2460 IC.


This Development Kit includes nRF2460 nRFgo radio modules that integrate all required external circuitry, including an antenna match, 16 MHz crystal, 8-bit flash microcontroller and an audio codec.

Analog audio input and output is easily available through a pair of standard 3.5 mm jack connectors on the radio module.


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  • nRFgo compatible evaluation, prototyping and firmware development solution for nRF2460
  • Compact nRF2460 nRFgo radio modules with PCB antennas
  • Compact nRF2460 nRFgo radio module with SMA connector for use with external antennas or closed loop set-up
  • Direct access to the nRF2460 I/O pins enabling easy development with alternative audio codecs and microcontrollers
  • Downloadable hardware designs files, source code, and documentation


  • 1x nRF2460 nRFgo radio modules with PCB antenna
  • 2x nRF2460 nRFgo radio module with SMA connector
  • 2x External 2.4 GHz Swivel antenna
  • 5x nRF2460 samples
  • Getting Started Guide

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Ordering codes

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nRF2460-DK nRFgo Development Kit for nRF2460

Development Kit

Code Name Version
nRF2460-DK-FW nRF2460 Development Kit Firmware 1.0
nRF2460-DK-HW nRF2460 Development Kit Hardware 1.0

User Guides

Code Name Version
nRF2460-DK-GS nRF2460 Development Kit Getting Started Guide 1.0
nRF2460-DK-UG nRF2460 Development Kit User Guide 1.0