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ULP Wireless Update - 2015 issues

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2015 - ISSUE #1


  • COMMENT - Software unlocks wireless technology
    Silicon radio hardware is highly impressive but requires equally adept software to fulfil its purpose. By John Leonard
  • FEATURE - Technology convergence powers wearables boom
    Without a merger of compact efficient electronics, ultra low power wireless, and smartphones, the potential of wearables would have remained unfulfilled. By Svenn-Tore Larsen
  • FEATURE - Putting the customer first
    Beacons promise to enhance the shopping experience provided that retailers adopt a disciplined approach to their use. By Sally Ward-Foxton
  • FEATURE - Crowdfunded financing picks up momentum
    Smaller wireless companies looking at crowdfunding should be aware that although it can be a funding fast track success is not guaranteed. By Jack Shandle
  • BRIEFING - The sixth sense
    A proliferation of wireless sensors will change how humans react with the environment


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