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ULP Wireless Update

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2018 - ISSUE #3


2018 - ISSUE #2

  • COMMENT - Cellular for everything
    Cellular technology has been restricted to consumer mobiles and specialist industrial modems. Nordic’s nRF91 series SiP could change all that. By Peder Rand
  • FEATURE - Simplifying Bluetooth Low Energy medical device design
    A new Nordic proof-of-Concept PCB makes it less complicated for developers to bring the benefits of wireless connectivity to medical devices. By Thomas Søderholm


2018 - ISSUE #1

  • COMMENT - The value of information
    New cellular IoT modems will be optimized for a carrier model by buffering and analysing data at the node, but not at the expense of battery life. By Peder Rand
  • FEATURE - Mesh strengthens Bluetooth wireless’ credentials
    Bluetooth LE’s expansion beyond its consumer roots continues with a boost to its suitability for building automation applications. By Pär Håkansson
  • BRIEFING - Bluetooth 5’s advertising extensions
    In addition to increased range and throughput, the updated Bluetooth 5 specification includes advertising extensions to improve applications like beacons.


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