ULP Wireless Quarter

ULP Wireless Quarter - Summer 2010

Download the Summer 2010 issue of the ULP Wireless Quarter here

This quarterly publication is intended to keep interested parties up-to-date on what’s happening with both proprietary and Bluetooth low energy wireless technology at Nordic Semiconductor.


  • iPod ANT chip fitness accessory wins top U.S. industry award: The Digifit Ecosystem for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch that uses a Nordic 8-channel nRF24AP2 ANT chip.
  • Philips RF remote with color LCD and scroll wheel: The advanced yet affordable Bellagio RF remote control platform uses Nordic 2.4GHz ULP transceivers plus Gazell RF protocol software.
  • Editorial: How technologies are being combined to stimulate the wireless sector.
  • Nordic chips shortlisted for industry awards on three continents: The nRF24LE1 and nRF24AP2 ANT chip have been recognized by independent judges in Asia, the U.K., and the U.S.
  • Feature: Bluetooth low energy Proximity Profile ushers in new wireless connectivity era, by Jack Shandle.
  • Analysis: Taking fitness to the next level – how new technology will ensure wireless performance monitoring of fitness activities will hit the mainstream.
  • Comment: Demanding more from consumer remote controls – how good bandwidth can have a major impact on end user experience and power consumption.
  • ANT focus: ANT aids healthy living – a deeper look into the story behind the Digifit Ecosystem featured on the front cover of this issue of ULP Wireless Quarter.
  • Technical briefing: Choosing a transceiver – system-on-chip transceivers may be the answer for specific high volume applications, but they’re not the solution for every design.
  • Press articles: RF remotes compete for IR’s crown – RF will replace IR for remote control, but which technology will dominate? By Chim Chan of Nordic (Techonline India).
  • Technical Briefing: Combining an analog RF link with digital circuitry (part 2).
  • Update: Managing diabetes with wireless care.
  • People & Faces behind Nordic Semiconductor: Alf Helge Omre and Nancy Flores-Cuautle.