ULP Wireless Quarter

The Wireless Quarter - Q4 2008

Q4 2008 issue of the ULP Wireless Quarter

This quarterly publication is intended to keep interested parties up-to-date on what’s happening with proprietary ultra-low power wireless technology and Bluetooth low energy wireless technology at Nordic Semiconductor.

Read this 16-page issue to learn about:


  • nRF24LU1+ allows development of ultra-compact USB dongles for 2.4GHz wireless peripherals
  • 3D RF gaming controller uses magnetism to challenge popular accelerometer-based designs
  • The road to better health & fitness in your pocket – the Fitbit Tracker
  • ANT update: Standards bodies aren’t up to challenge of wireless market expansion
  • Product focus: nRF24LE1
  • Technical Briefing: Using tell-tale signs from antenna patterns to solve range issues
  • RF Design Tips: Easing the challenge of RF Design (part 3)
  • Press Article: It’s a long way down for ‘low power’ Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth low energy wireless update: Reducing healthcare costs with wireless technology
  • Bluetooth low energy wireless update: BT low energy to transform RF remotes within a year