ULP Wireless Quarter

The ULP Wireless Quarter - Winter 2009

Winter 2009 issue of the ULP Wireless Quarter

This quarterly publication is intended to keep interested parties up-to-date on what’s happening with both proprietary and Bluetooth low energy wireless technology at Nordic Semiconductor.


  • Wireless for the masses: Nordic’s nRF24LE1 and nRF24LU1+ 2.4GHz ULP transceiver SoCs now come in a low cost variant with one-time-programmable memory
  • Professional voting system using Nordic's nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz ULP transceivers support up to 15,500 wireless keypads simultaneously
  • 2.5 billion Bluetooth low energy chips to ship by 2014
  • Editorial: Remote controls - the next battleground for RF
  • What’s new from Nordic: ANT transceivers break the ten microamp current barrier
  • Feature: The rising (RF) star for consumer electronics remote controls
  • Application/Comment: 2010 debut for 'dream' 3D controller using wireless magnetic tracking
  • Interview: Brian Macdonald of ANT answers question about the software powering Nordic's nRF24AP2 transceiver
  • RF modules: Prototyping with a module can avoid range disappointment
  • ANT application: Sports equipment makers back wireless connectivity interface
  • Bluetooth low energy: Bluetooth's ultra low power extension will address the medical authorities' concerns regarding electromagnetic compatibility