ULP Wireless Quarter

The ULP Wireless Quarter - Summer 2009

ULP Wireless Quarter - Summer 2009 issue

This quarterly publication is intended to keep interested parties up-to-date on what’s happening with both proprietary and Bluetooth low energy wireless technology at Nordic Semiconductor.

Read this 16-page issue to learn about:

  • First Bluetooth low energy solution, Nordic’s µBlue single mode chip, available early next year
  • Wireless guitar system using Nordic nRF24Z1 frees artists from trailing wires
  • Cell phone accessories sector to profit from Bluetooth low energy
  • Editorial: Innovation key to rapid recovery
  • What’s new from Nordic: Nordic joins industry alliance to aid development of wireless health care
  • Feature: Continua Health Alliance boosts Bluetooth low energy
  • Comment: The global downturn has hit the US hard. But there’s still room for optimism
  • Interview: Anders Edlund from the Bluetooth SIG gives an insider’s view of Bluetooth low energy
  • RF Design Tips: Choosing the correct crystal oscillator for best wireless device performance (part 2)
  • ANT update: Ultra low power wireless wins Tour de France
  • Design competition: The Bluetooth SIG is to recognize product innovation through a new competition