ULP Wireless Quarter

The ULP Wireless Quarter - Q1 2009

Q1 2009 issue of the ULP Wireless Quarter

This quarterly publication is intended to keep interested parties up-to-date on what’s happening with both proprietary and Bluetooth low energy wireless technology at Nordic Semiconductor.

Read this 16-page issue to learn about:

  • nRF24AP2 next generation ANT chip set to re-define industry ULP wireless sensor benchmarks
  • Wireless home cinema system that uses Nordic nRF24Z1 to provide full surround sound from just two speakers
  • How Bluetooth low energy could grab much of RF remote control market
  • ANT update: Managing health and fitness with ULP wireless connectivity
  • What’s new from Nordic: Focus on Nordic’s recently released nRF24LU1+ USB solution for wireless PC peripherals
  • Technical Briefing: When standard isn’t good enough: if you don’t need interoperability, proprietary is almost always better
  • RF Design Tips: Choosing the correct crystal oscillator for best wireless device performance
  • Press Article: Easing the challenge of wireless design
  • Press Article: Demand accelerating for 2.4GHz wireless PC peripherals
  • Bluetooth low energy wireless update: With the specification approaching first release, a Q&A with Nordic’s chief scientist and Bluetooth SIG representative for Bluetooth low energy about the specification and what it may look like
  • Bluetooth low energy wireless: Developing the optimum RF remote
  • Press Article: Bluetooth low energy wireless technology