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About nRF9E5™


The nRF9E5 is a highly integrated, low-power and –cost 433/868/915-MHz transceiver. The device comprises an embedded 8051-compatible MCU and 4-input, 10-bit ADC, 4 KByte RAM, frequency synthesizer, receiver chain with demodulator, power amplifier, crystal oscillator, modulator and voltage regulators. There is no requirement for an external SAW filter. The only external components required are a single crystal and resistor and an EEPROM for external program storage. The nRF9E5 ensures an extremely low-cost Bill of Material (BOM).


The nRF9E5 utilizes Nordic’s proprietary ShockBurst™ technology in both receive and transmit modes to simplify operational protocol and software design, minimize power consumption and allow the use of a less expensive microcontroller. ShockBurst automatically handles preamble, CRC and retransmission of data packets. Configuration is easily programmable by use of an SPI interface.


The nRF9E5’s current consumption is exceptionally low: just 9 mA in transmit (TX) at -10 dBm output power and 12.5 mA in receive (RX) mode. Built-in power down modes further reduce current consumption to just 2.5 µA. Channel switching time is < 650 µs and frequency resolution is 100 KHz at 430 MHz operation and 200 KHz at 862 to 928 MHz operation. Maximum data rate is 0 to 50 kbit/s. The nRF9E5 comes in a small 32-pin QFN32L 5 x 5-mm package and is manufactured using an ultra modern 0.18-µm CMOS process. Power supply range is 1.9 to 3.6 V. Operating temperature range is -40 to +85 ºC.


Prime applications include wireless data communication, alarm and security systems, home automation, remote control, surveillance, automotive, telemetry, industrial sensors, keyless entry and toys.