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About nRF51422

The Nordic Semiconductor nRF51422 Flash-based ANT SoC is the world’s first single chip solution for ANT applications. It is a third generation Nordic ANT solution, and an ideal fit for cost, power, and size-constrained applications such as sports, fitness, and healthcare sensors.


Key IC features include:

  • 256kB on-chip Flash and 16kB RAM;
  • Wide range of digital and mixed signal peripherals including SPI, 2-wire, ADC, and a quadrature decoder;
  • 16 PPI channels;
  • 1.8-to-3.6V supply range with on-chip LDO,1.75-to-1.95V supply range for LDO bypass mode;
  • On-chip drop down DC/DC converter for 3V batteries such as coin cells;
  • 6x6mm 48-pin QFN package with up to 32 GPIOs;

The IC is identical to the nRF51822, but is supplied, pre-programmed, with the S210 software stack which includes Dynastream Innovation’s ANT protocol stack. Key features of the S210 stack include:

  • Asynchronous and event driven SVC-based API;
  • Run-time protection;
  • Broadcast, Acknowledged, and Burst communication modes;
  • Support for up to eight concurrent ANT channels;
  • 60kbps burst rate – 300% faster than previous generation;
  • Requires less than 32kB of code space and 2kB of RAM, leaving more that 224kB of Flash and 14kB of RAM available for application code.

The nRF51422 is complemented by the nRF514 SDK that includes a comprehensive set of ANT+ profiles, ANT FS, and example applications.