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About nRF24LU1+™


The nRF24LU1+ is a unique single chip solution enabling ultra compact USB dongles for wireless peripherals. By integrating an USB 2.0 compliant device controller, 8 bit application microcontroller and an nRF24L01+ compatible 2.4GHz RF Transceiver it supports a wide range of application including PC peripherals, sports accessories and game peripherals.

The nRF24LU1+ offers full interoperability with the nRF24L01+™ 2 Mbps 2.4GHz transceiver and its Enhanced ShockBurst™ hardware link layer, and integrates a full-speed USB 2.0-compliant device controller, an enhanced 8051 compatible microcontroller, a hardware AES security co-processor, 16 or 32 kBytes of flash memory and 2 kBytes SRAM. The nRF24LU1+ is supplied in a 32-pin 5 by 5mm QFN package.

With an on-chip voltage regulator (covering a 4.0 to 5.25V supply range) that enables the chip to be powered directly from the USB bus, the nRF24LU1+ does not require an external voltage regulator, saving cost and board space. With a fully integrated RF synthesizer and PLL for the USB no external loop filters, resonators or VCO varactor diodes are required, only a low cost ±60ppm 16MHz crystal, matching circuitry and the antenna.

The nRF24LU1 features 6 general-purpose digital input/output pins, hardware SPI slave & master (UART) and three 16-bit timers/counters. It supports firmware upgrade over USB and a FS2 hardware debugger. In addition, the nRF24LU1+ is air compatible with the nRF24LE1, nRF24LU1, nRF24L01+, nRF24L01, nRF2401A, 02, E1 and E2.

The 128 bit AES encryption/decryption co-processor provides industry standard data encryption and decryption at the application level, and the on-chip flash memory features fully configurable write and read back protection, offering complete protection from reverse engineering.

With air data rate of 2 Mbps combined with full speed USB, supporting up to 12 Mbps, the nRF24LU1+ meets performance requirements of a wide range of applications including PC peripherals, advanced media center remote controls, intelligent sports accessories and toys.

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