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About nRF24E1™


The nRF24E1 is a 2.4-GHz, single chip, true GFSK transceiver with embedded 8051 compatible microcontroller and 9-channel, 12-bit, 100 kSample/s ADC plus 1 Mbit/s maximum data rate. It comes pre-integrated with all necessary peripherals, inductors and filters and requires only three external components: a crystal, resistor and low cost 4-KByte EEPROM (for initial program storage).

The nRF24E1 also features DuoCeiver™ technology for simultaneous dual receiver topologies and a ShockBurst™ mode for ultra low-power operation and relaxed MCU performance. Power supply range is 1.9 to 3.6 V, supply current is just 10.5 mA peak (TX) at -5 dBm output power at full 1 Mbit/s, and 19 mA peak (RX) in receive mode (one channel at 1 Mbit/s). In complete system standby (sleep) mode (wake up from timer or external pin) the nRF24E1 consumers just 2 µA.

The nRF24E1 is supplied in a small 36-pin QFN 6 x 6 mm package and supports frequency hopping across up to 125 channels with a sub-200 µs switching time, including clock recovery of data plus CRC computation in receive (RX) mode. Operating temperature range is -40 to +85 ºC.

Prime applications include wireless mouse, keyboards and joysticks/gamepads, remote controllers, alarm and security systems, phone peripherals, PC peripherals, home and building automation, telemetry, wireless tags, intelligent sports equipment (e.g. wrist watches and associated sensors), industrial sensors and toys.