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About nRF24AP2™ 1-channel


Based on Nordic’s class-leading nRF24L01+ transceiver core, the nRF24AP2 integrates an ultra-low power 2.4GHz transceiver with ANT Wireless’ production-proven ultra low power protocol stack, ANT, to create a true connectivity-on-chip solution.

The nRF24AP2 core provides a range of benefits including substantial enhancements in wideband blocking and intermodulation as well as 5dB of extra sensitivity compared to its predecessor (the nRF24AP1). This extra sensitivity increases immunity to disturbance from other 2.4GHz sources in the vicinity. The ANT protocol stack implementation includes new features such as support for up to 8-channels, proximity search, frequency agility, and continuous scanning mode.

The device operates at a peak current of just 17mA. Average operating currents are in the microampere range (for example, in simple broadcast mode, average operating current is 9µA) leading to extended operation from small coin cell type batteries.

The single-channel nRFAP2-1CH is a cost optimized and flexible product specifically designed for use in a wide range of sensors. Combined with different host microcontrollers it provides a low cost, ultra low power solution for everything from simple sensors like bike cadence meters to more complex sensors like heart rate monitors and blood glucose monitors.