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About nRF2460™


The nRF2460 is a low-cost mono audio-streamer IC that delivers uncompressed 16-bit PCM digital audio, with audio latency as low as 22ms, and a battery operating lifetime of up to 100-hours from two AAA prime cells.


The nRF2460 combines a class-leading ultra-low power (ULP) 2.4GHz radio with an optimized adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) protocol and audio Quality of Service (QoS) engine. The audio-streamer is available in a compact 6x6mm QFN package and can operate with a single low cost 16MHz ±50ppm external crystal. I2S, SPI, and I2C interfaces provide connections with external audio ADCs, DACs, and microcontrollers.


The AFH protocol and audio QoS engine enable the nRF2460 to maintain robust wireless audio co-existence, even in challenging RF environments that include other common 2.4GHz interference sources such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology. The nRF2460 utilizes smart retransmission of lost packets and the audible effects of lost data are minimal. The chip's 4Mbps bandwidth provides ample overhead to support an auxiliary wireless data channel for user control functions such as mute and volume up/down.


The nRF2460 was developed in close collaboration with premier digital audio converter specialist AKM Semiconductor for cost-sensitive battery-powered mono (single-channel) wireless audio applications such as microphones, subwoofers, musical instruments, and gaming.